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Save up to 80% on your lighting bill with energy-efficient lighting from Key Energy Solutions, LLC in Basking Ridge, New Jersey. At our business, we understand that lighting is expensive for companies of all sizes. We offer an affordable solution that helps you save between 30% and 80% on your electricity.


Energy Solutions

Let our team create the perfect energy-saving lighting plan for your small or large business. We receive our EnergyStar™ - and DesignLights Consortium™-approved lighting from multiple manufacturers, so we help you find the best deal for your needs and budget. Whether you're interested in LED lights or high-efficiency fluorescent lamps, our team accommodates you. We conduct energy audits and implement projects for our customers.

We keep all project payback periods to within 30 months. We administer state-run rebate programs.


We have implemented projects all over and in varying types of buildings.

Take a look at the following proposals and accompanying summaries of projects we have completed:

In a 50,000 square foot warehouse, we replaced 51 1,000 watt metal halide high bay fixtures with custom designed T5 fixtures saving the business $23,880 annually.  Also, we upgraded their existing fluorescent 2' x 4' office fixtures with high efficient lamps and electronic ballasts totaling their electric savings $24,524 per year.

This is an office building in Jersey City, New Jersey that was using old, inefficient T12 lights.  We relamped with new T8 lamps and installed more efficient ballasts allowing the business to save $12,368 per year.  Also, as a result of Hurricane Sandy, Jersey City qualifies for 50% more rebates by the NJ Clean Energy Program.  Thus, saving the business a total of $6,000 on the price of the project.

This particular office building was using 8' T12 fixtures for most of their lighting.  T12 lamps are not being manufactured anymore due to the fact that they utilize so much electricity and they have a significant amount of mercury in them.  This makes them a waste of money and dangerous.  This client will enjoy a turnkey solution to his lighting woes saving him 46% of his energy usage.  He will recoup his money in less than 2 years and continue to save for the duration of time he stays in business.

This retirement community was burdened with low light levels in their hallways and inefficient lamps, as well.  Our LED solution will offer this complex with brand new fixtures, improved light levels, and 60% energy savings.  The above example depicts one of fifteen buildings at the site.  All of which will enjoy dramatic savings and a safer living environment.




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